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    Bringing cutting-edge solutions to physicians.

    Blood, Toxicology, Genetics, Cancer Risk and Allergy testing

  • With PGX Testing, you will always have direct access to:

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  • Blood Test

  • PGXT is unlike any other lab group you’ve ever worked with. That’s because we’re focused not only on giving your numbers, but on giving you rich, reliable information that you can use to provide your patients the best possible level of care.

    Key test categories include: 

    - Male Hormone Testing 

    - Male Chemistry Testing 

    - Female Hormone Testing 

    - Female Chemistry Testing

    ACCURATE, RELIABLE RESULTS You can be confident in the integrity of the results you receive because all our analyses are performed by precisely calibrated, contemporary equipment. Our lab features an Olympus A480 Chemistry System, an Access2 Immunoassay System and a CellDyn 1800 Hematology System.

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    The Reporting Todays’ Patients and Practitioners Deserve


    Our’ reports feature clear, detailed graphing that makes it easy to identify at a glance which results are out of range and by how much. We plot each patient’s full panel of results against accepted ranges and highlight those measurements that call for special attention. Then we break down each element of the panel separately with bold colored markings that are designed to accelerate your analysis process and ensure that no significant result is overlooked.


    PGX Testing offers comprehensive urine screening services for substance abuse programs, medical offices

    and long-term care facilities.


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    Improves the safety and quality of patient lives

    Our toxicology program improves the safety and quality of patient lives, while limiting the liability of providers.

    Our lab is constantly expanding test panel(s) to stay current with new

    medications, illicit drugs, and controlled substances. Our advanced technology is equipped with the

    industry’s most precise detection levels, to ensure the highest sensitivity and most accurate reporting.

    Increased sensitivity allows for enhanced detection of individual drugs and metabolites using a

    minimal volume of specimen.

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    Clear and reliable

    We provide clear and reliable information about patient’s medications to make informed clinical decisions regarding treatment.

    Our Reporting identifies both the drug class and metabolites within that class. Additional liability coverage

    when the provider validates an in-ofce test through our lab.

    Urine toxicology screening is an effective clinical tool for healthcare professionals who need clear and

    reliable information about their patient’s use of prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications or the

    presence of any illicit substances in order to make informed clinical decisions regarding treatment.

    Results enable healthcare professionals to:

    • Identify possible drug on drug interactions

    • Identify certain forms of drug-related behavior

    • Identify any patient diversion efforts

    PGX Testing utilizes an in-office reporting system in order to provide the most accurate and

    easy-to-read reports through our HIPAA compliant physician portal.

  • Toxicology Process

    Your physician will determine if Toxicology Testing is the right fit for you. 


    Our clinical team is always available to answer any questions you or your physician may have regarding your personalized test results.

    Collect Sample

    Patient is given a urine collection cup.


    Collector labels cup and places in adequate packaging.


    Sample is shipped via FedEx overnight.


    Personalized, interpreted reports are delivered to your physician.


    The right medication + the right dose=

    Decreased negative side effects.

    As a leader in Personalized Medicine, PGX Testing offers a wide range of testing solutions to help both the patient and physician determine which is the right drug and the right dose regardless of the patients gender, race or age.

    Currently in doctors’ offices all over the world, patients are given medications that either don’t work or have severe side effects. Often, a patient must return to their doctor over and over again until the doctor can find a drug that is right for them. PGX Testing offers a very appealing alternative.

    Imagine a day when you go into your doctor’s office and, after a simple and rapid saliva test of your DNA, your doctor changes her/his mind about a drug considered for you because your genetic test indicates that you could suffer a severe negative reaction to the medication. However, upon further examination of your test results, your doctor finds that you would benefit greatly from a new drug on the market, and that there would be little likelihood that you would react negatively to it. This day has come. Welcome to PGX Testing.


  • Personalized Medicine

    Watch Mayo Clinic Video

  • How it Works

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    Every patient is different


    Each person responds differently to prescription medications. Our test allows your doctor to deliver a comprehensive report to help manage your medications based on your personal genetic makeup. Choosing medications that are best suited for you, rather than experimenting with medications which could result in negative side effects or drug on drug interactions.

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    What is Pharmacogenomics?


    Pharmacogenomics is the branch of pharmacology, which deals with the influence of genetic variation on drug response in patients by correlating gene expression or single-nucleotide polymorphisms with a drug’s efficacy or toxicity.

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    Our technology


    At PGX Testing, we utilize the latest in genotype technology coupled with a cutting edge clinical team to deliver on our belief. “Right Medication, Right Dose, Decreased Side Effects.”.

  • Genetic testing process

    To begin the journey into personalized medicine, your physician will determine if PGX Testing is the right fit for you. The physician will either order saliva based test kits (buccal swabs) directly from us, or our on-site mobile genetic collection specialists will travel to the physicians office or healthcare facility for specimen collection.


     Our clinical team is always available to answer any questions you or your physician may have regarding your personalized test results.

    1. SAMPLE

    A saliva sample is collected

    2. SHIP

    Sample and data are shipped overnight

    3. PROCESS

    State of the art genotyping technology is used to process

    4. REPORT

    Personalized, interpreted reports are delivered to your phycisian

  • Cancer Testing

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    A good physician treats the disease;

    A great physician helps the patient to prevent it

    What is the


    The PREVENTEST, developed by GeneID Advanced

    Molecular Diagnostics, is the first Comprehensive

    Cancer Risk Assessment test designed to determine your risk of developing up to 8 cancer types.

    This non-.‐invasive test helps the patient and clinician

    determine the level of risk for some of the most common solid tumor cancers including

    Breast, Ovarian, Endometrial, Pancreatic, Prostate, Skin,

    Gastric and Colorectal Cancers.

    What is Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk?

    Genetic testing for cancer risk is predictive testing,

    which means a test that can help predict the likelihood

    that an individual will develop cancer in his or her

    lifetime. Not everyone with a cancer-.‐related gene will

    develop cancer

    • Genetic testing helps predict the likelihood that a person will develop a disease, including some types

    of cancer

    • Genetic testing is a personal decision with many factors to consider

    • Anyone who decides to undergo genetic

     testing should receive genetic counseling 

    before and after the test is performed

    Who may be at risk for developing hereditary cancer?

    People with a Family history of cancer:

    Three or more relatives on the same side of the family

    with the same or related forms of cancer

    • Families with Early onset of Cancer:

    Two or more relatives diagnosed with cancer at an

    early age

    • Family members with cancer at multiple sites:

    Two or more types of cancer occurring in the same


    When does the American Society of Clinical Oncology

    (ASCO) recommend that genetic testing be offered?

    • When the person has an individual or family history

    that suggests a genetic cause of cancer

    • When the test for the genetic condition can be

    adequately interpreted

    • When the results of the genetic test will help with the

    diagnosis, treatment, and/or management of the

    parent and family members at risk for cancer

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    PGXT also offers Allergy Testing!

    Our Allergy Testing is a painless, needle-free approach to help manage and eliminate the causes of allergy symptoms.


    The program provides a complete, evidence-based solution that will help your patients start living an allergy-free life today. The sublingual immunotherapy vaccine provides a comprehensive and standardized compound that patients can safely administer daily, in the comfort of their own home.

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    How it works:

    AllergywoRx Therapy Drops treatment is broken down into 4 phases. Every 30 days the patient will

    receive a new dropper that corresponds to the current phase.

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    Compliance from patients:

    Compliance from patients using

    sublingual drop therapy



    Compliance from patients

    using traditional injection therapy



  • Why partner with PGX Testing?

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    CLIA certified and CAP accredited

    PGXT’s CLIA certied and CAP accredited testing

    laboratory validates every in-ofce sample. Our goal is

    to empower medical professionals with the sensitive

    information needed to properly treat and prescribe

    medications to patients,through the use of urine toxicology.

    PGXT’s clinical services team is on staff and ready to

    answer any and all questions that may arise in relation to

    prescriptions, drug interactions, or results of a test

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    CAP Accredited

    The College of American pathologists (CAP), the leading organization

    of board certied pathologist, serves patients, pathologists, and the

    public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of

    pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. The CAP, founded in

    1947 celebrates 50 years as the gold standard in laboratory

    accreditation. CAP advocates accountable, high quality, and cost

    effective patient care.

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    CLIA Certified

    Congress passed the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) in 1988 establishing quality standards for all laboratories testing to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of patient test results regardless of where the test was performed. 


    Our state of the art testing technology combined with our exceptional clinical, administrative, operations and support personnel are the main factors that ensure the service and experience you have with PGXT is extraordinary.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I am a Physician, how do I get started?

    Enrollment is quick and easy. Simply fill out the “Get Started” form’s required information and a PGX Testing representative will contact you to process your enrollment.

    How much does the test cost?

    Our lab maintains a patient friendly billing policy whereby the patient is responsible only for deductible and/or co-insurance of tests which are covered by their specific insurance carrier.

    Billing questions? Call 1 800 699 0359. We are available to help you.

    Why should I be tested?

    Medication sensitivity testing is the cornerstone of personalized medicine. Determining how well you metabolize medication raises chances of a positive outcome and reduces possible adverse drug on drug interactions.

    Personalized medicine conveys a blueprint to how your body’s unique molecular characteristics and distinctions allow it to processes medication.Your physician will have the data necessary to custom tailor a medication management protocol whereby the current/future adjustments and medication alternatives best for you may be selected.

    I’ve been tested; now what?

    Your physician will review your personalized Stop, Caution and Safe recommendations for any possible medication therapy changes or dose alterations.  We are happy to provide answers to any of your questions and are always available for consultation with your physician.

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